This is the Original Jumping Pillow site now used to give a factual account of the differences between the variety of like products on the world market today.

The Vastly Improved 'Kangaroo Jumper' is the shining light however ALL products are sound and will be a healthy addition to your playground!.

The Jumbo Jumper
This is a local USA product distributed to the Farm Tourism Industry there. The canvas quality is low because a lot of that Industry was only open short term and with UV exposure low this product was suitable to 75% of that Industry. However, the Farm Tourism industry is generally expanding it's product range which allows the farms to be open and generating profit for much longer periods. As this product is not suitable to be exposed to the Sun for long periods, it should be avoided. Kangaroo Jumper and Jumping Pillow are far better products! We rate it 3/10
Without doubt the Kangaroo Jumper stands tall in the forest. In the changing world we live in products need to change to keep pace and the Kangaroo Jumper is the only product of this type to undergo change and innovation. Since 2012 to 2020 their product has been measurably superior and until that changes they remain the buyers' choice!
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