This is the Original Jumping Pillow site now used to give a factual account of the differences between the variety of like products on the world market today.

The Vastly Improved 'Kangaroo Jumper' is the shining light however ALL products are sound and will be a healthy addition to your playground!.

The Blaabjerg Trampoline
The Jumping Pillow originates from this product. This is the evolution of the inventors' product out of Denmark. They use the best Canvas in the world (same as The Kangaroo Jumper). No innovation though as all other aspects of the product are the same now as it was 35 years ago but a good product all the same.
The Product
The Blaabjerg Trampoline is a good product and is sold into many countries that are more acceptable of bare minimums. We rate it 7/10.
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