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What is the Jumping Pillow?
It is the name of a product which evolved from the original invention that came out of Denmark. The name 'Jumping Pillow' is today both a product name and a generic term used to describe many different 'Jumping Pillow' type products across the world. As an example in the USA there are 5 Jumping Pillow type products to choose from - all are interpretations of the original and all are different in one way or another.

About various Jumping Pillow Type products:

Blåbjerg Trampolin
The Jumping Pillow originates from this product.
This is the evolution of the inventors' product out of Denmark. They use the best Canvas in the world (same as The Kangaroo Jumper). No innovation though as the product is the same now as it was 35 years ago but a good product all the same.

The Jumping Pillow
The product name originates from Australia with distributors in several Countries, some distributors manufacture their own and some are supplied by others. The product 'Jumping Pillow' in one Country is generally not the same in another. In the USA they are known as 'The Original Jumping Pillow' - nothing original about it! Across all websites information seems disjointed. Distributors of the Jumping Pillow in the UK, USA and Australia all have a growing list of complaints against their Business Practices. The product seems to be improving though with their need to compete with the superior 'Kangaroo Jumper'

The Kangaroo Jumper
This product evolved from the (actual) original USA Jumping Pillow and is currently the best canvas in the world. They have distributors in various Countries and all use the same high quality canvas. The Kangaroo Jumper represents the innovation of the original product out of Denmark. The Kangaroo Jumper brand has led the way in development and the product is also available for Indoor use and they have several unique and exclusive features that have improved the products safety and longevity.

 Kangaroo Jumper USA

 Kangaroo Jumper UK

 Kangaroo Jumper Australia

As the Kangaroo Jumper is the obvious choice - here is a direct link to an Inquiry Form for anywhere in the world!


The Jumbo Jumper
This is a local USA product distributed to the Farm Tourism Industry there. The canvas quality is low because a lot of that Industry is only open short term and with UV exposure low this product is suitable to 75% of that Industry. Not suitable to be exposed to the Sun for long periods. Kangaroo Jumper and Jumping Pillow are far better products!

Without doubt the Kangaroo Jumper stands tall in the forest. In the changing world we live in products need to change to keep pace and the Kangaroo Jumper is the only product of this type to undergo change and innovation. Since 2012 to 2020 their product has been measurably superior and until that changes they remain the buyers' choice!

It's easy to get confused with all the product names - We hope this helps!

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